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  • Adolescents Counseling

    Adolescence is a particularly challenging stage for both teens and their parents. Most parents notice the warning signs that their teens are in trouble, but they feel shut out by silence, tension, or arguments.

    “Adolescents are not monsters. They are just people trying to learn how to make it among the adults in the world, who are probably not so sure themselves.” -Virginia Satir

    New Heights Counseling services Fort Walton, Niceville, and surrounding communities and we recognize adolescence can be a difficult time in life. We believe the only thing more difficult than parenting is being a teen. In a day, teens frequently receive mixed messages about where they should focus their time, how they should feel, and whom they should trust, all the while being told to be more responsible and grow up. Teens need support more than ever in a world filled with confusion, invalidation, lack of accountability, and unlimited distractions.

    We recognize the massive amount of development occurring and we want to support them through it.  We offer individual counseling, telehealth, and group sessions! Don’t worry parents, we are here for you too! While your adolescent is in counseling, we also have an “open door portal” where you can message your teen’s therapist to provide information about any developments that may have occurred between sessions.

    Please Note: Your teen will be the client and as such, we will foster a relationship of honesty at all times (this means your teen will know when you have reached out to us). The reason for this is we have to maintain an open relationship with our teen clients to obtain their trust and respect. Otherwise, they will see us as a “backup parent” rendering the therapy ineffective.

    What we CAN do is help you to be the most effective parent possible with your teen. After all, your teen didn’t come with a manual. Some parents make a point to schedule sessions with their teens, and others will choose to only attend the first session. The level of engagement is up to you!

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