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  • Adolescent

    Dialectical Behavior

    Therapy Group

    Find the Balance Between Acceptance and Change

    Mindfulness & Awareness, Emotion Regulation
    Coping Skills, Communication, Distress, Tolerance

    Meeting Day: Thursdays Time: 4pm – 5:30 pm
    Welcome all students ages 13 to 17

    The purpose of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy group is to provide all students a chance to learn and work on using skills they’ve been taught before testing them in the real world. DBT sessions discuss social interactions and individual dynamics to identify ways to implement healthy coping skills. The welcoming setting and expectations set by the counselor provides reassurance to those joining or wanting to "fit in" as everyone is there for the same purpose- to make meaningful changes to their life.

    Our team of professional therapists are dedicated to their clients' care and services Fort Walton, Niceville, and surrounding communities.