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  • The acronym ACE in the mental health world stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences. These experiences affect everyone one way or another. The ACE-Q is a 10 item questionnaire developed to identify factors in childhood that contribute to medical or psychological trauma and abnormalities. This questionnaire takes into account abuse, neglect, and household challenges and dysfunctions. The questionnaire does not consider geographic location or socioeconomics. Click this link to see a free ACE questionnaire:

    What are Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)? : Discover your Score

    The higher your ACE score the greater your chances of psychological or medical challenges. When you understand your ACE score you can begin to heal by getting the necessary help you need. Identifying adverse experiences allows a person to acknowledge their trauma and process it with professional help. New Heights Counseling has experienced therapists to assist with overcoming challenges, give us a call today if you’d like to explore your ACE-Q score.
    by Shareen Ancog and Colleen Wenner

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