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  • Behavioral Health Clinician

    New Heights Counseling is Hiring!

    We’re looking for a Licensed Behavioral Health Clinician (LMHC, LMFT, LCSW) who wants to make a difference in the lives of their clients.  Someone who wants to be supported by their employers and be treated as a human being who is more than just their job.

    In This Practice, You’re A Part Of A Family!

    So, at first, that might not sound like the most important thing you look for in a professional setting, but trust me, we’re a great family. Minus the weird uncle and the judgmental grandma constantly asking you why you haven’t gotten married yet.  New Heights is a practice filled with diverse, compassionate people who genuinely care about each other.  We understand that your life doesn’t completely revolve around work and that you have other responsibilities that reach beyond the time you spend with us.  While other companies probably realize this as well, the difference here is that we actually respect that.  We are the work-family who will have your back and who will support you when life hits hard. 

    This private practice serves clients in many surrounding areas, from Fort Walton Beach to Defuniak Springs to Navarre and Destin. We wholeheartedly believe in providing the highest quality and intentional mental health care to the community we serve.  Our client base is as diverse as our clinicians, so you will always learn and grow as a professional. Because of the various skill sets of your coworkers, there will always be someone who can help you if you have a question or need particular insight in an unfamiliar area.  Our onboarding and training process is thorough and developed to help you smoothly transition into your position. We won’t be throwing you in deep waters alone to sink or swim, or you know, be eaten by a shark. 

    What Does Working At New Heights Look Like?

    It looks like a place of growth and respect where you won’t be treated poorly for asking questions or needing help.  We help each other every day, utilizing patience and excellence as we all work towards a united goal.  Our philosophy is that if we treat our employees right, they will work more diligently and joyfully.  We want you to love what you do and love coming to work here!

    To that end, we offer… 

    • Significant flexibility with your schedules.
    • Healthcare Insurance
    • Ability to earn PTO after 90 days of employment, whether you are full-time or part-time!
    • Opportunities for additional training and conferences, some of which will be paid for by us!
    • Free clinical supervision
    • Major holidays off!
    • Comfortable office spaces and the supplies you may need for sessions. 
    • A friendly and dedicated administrative staff that is eager to provide support and assistance on a daily basis.
    • A voice that is heard and taken seriously, as well as access to supervisors who want to hear from you and let us know how we can improve!
    • Consistent and clear communication from your employers.
    • Snacks! Come on, who doesn’t love snacks? 

    What Are The Values Of New Heights Counseling & Consulting?

    We believe that our clinician’s values and mission should align with our own while still celebrating differences that make us unique and valuable to each other and our clients. Ask yourself, can you get behind these core values?

    Respect – At New Heights, we believe in high esteem and respect for those we serve and the individuals we work with. Taking time to look through the lens of others’ perspectives, roles, and experiences while actively listening to their point of view is essential to how we interact and communicate with one another. We value our differences and strive to cultivate a safe space to express them.  

    Compassion – We believe in employing strong empathy, understanding, and sensitivity in our practice. No pity, no false platitudes, but a deep and safe space to share your story and feel heard. Expressing sincere care and consideration for every person’s circumstances and difficulties is essential, offering kindness and helpfulness.  This fosters an environment of greater trust and learning for all. 

    Excellence – It is imperative that we strive for the highest standards of professionalism and quality care for our clients. Whether administratively or clinically, our attention to detail in using evidenced-based modalities and careful consideration is implemented into every decision we make and service we provide. 

    Acceptance – As a practice, we understand that every person we come into contact with is unique with their own needs, beliefs, and values. We do not assume to know someone without hearing their story. We protect all clientele, offering a judgment-free space to feel safe to share. We want to meet people where they are and, rather than focus on changing them, help them become the very best version of themselves.  

    Growth – We believe in the fundamental truth that every individual is capable and worthy of pursuing growth and personal improvement in all areas of their lives.  For our clients, we want to provide the treatment, care, and attention that will help them reach their aspirations and overcome their obstacles.  As a practice, we have the drive to continually move forward, striving for mutual success as mental health care providers.  Continually seeking innovative methods of care, training, and advancement in our processes allows employees and clients to reach new heights every day! 

    But What About The Money?

    We understand that this is an important factor in considering a position.  We offer our counselors competitive rates with opportunities to increase significantly through obtaining certifications specific to our practice needs.  With our ever-expanding practice, we attempt to (and have been successful) give our employees a raise each year based on clinician’s performance. 

    We are motivated and have skilled individuals who work tirelessly to fill your caseload and get you the hours you need. 

    Is This Position For You

    If you want to work somewhere where the bottom line is profit, and you are seen simply as a number to increase that profit, then this is not the place for you. We want a clinician filled with the desire to effect real change in people’s lives, someone who will work hard with our team and be treated as a respected and valued member of New Heights! We will support and partner with you to reach your highest potential in all aspects of your career.  

    If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, then please apply! We can’t wait to meet you! (Apply Here!)

    Job Type: Full-time

    Pay: $45,500 – $65,000 per year


    • Flexible schedule
    • Health insurance
    • Paid time off
    • Major Holidays off
    • Bonus days off
    • Professional development assistance

    Supplemental pay types:

    • Bonus opportunities

    Work Location: Fort Walton Beach, FL. 32547