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  • UPDATE: Colleen contributed to the article Why Failure is Important in Life? (30+ Reasons Why) by Jessa Claire for UpJourney.

    Failure is a stepping stone. Failure makes you stronger. When we fail, we learn what doesn’t work. We figure out how to avoid repeating mistakes. We become smarter. People who’ve experienced much success and fame later in life often say they failed a lot in their youth. They had to go through many failures in school, relationships, or jobs to succeed.

    Failure provides perspective. You are born into this world without having had any previous experience. But when you acquire such experience, everything changes; your perspective shifts. The more you fail, the better you get at it. And that’s why failure is essential in life. It helps us grow as human beings.

    Failure teaches humility. Success breeds complacency, which leads to arrogance. But when you fail, you realize that you don’t know everything. You have to admit that you need help from others. Failure provides humility. It’s humbling to be reminded of your limitations. If you allow others to help, you become less arrogant and open to learning and bettering yourself.

    Failure builds confidence. If you’re afraid of failing, you’ll never try anything new. And if you never try something new, you’ll never grow as an individual. So failure is critical because it helps you develop courage. Courage is being able to face your fears, build self-confidence, and take risks. Without risk, there can be no growth.

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    Colleen Wenner New Heights Founder Clinical DirectorColleen Wenner is the founder and clinical director of New Heights Counseling, where she provides counseling services for individuals struggling with mental health issues. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Master Certified Addiction Professional. Colleen is a certified supervisor in Florida and an EMDR trauma-certified practitioner and consultant in training. Colleen is committed to providing excellent client care and services the Fort Walton Beach, CrestviewNicevilleDestin, and surrounding communities.

    Colleen has consistently advocated for mental health wellness and has dedicated her entire life to promoting awareness among the public. She has been featured on various podcasts such as Practice of the Practice (The #1 Podcast for counselors in private practice), Shrink Think Podcast, and The Salty Christan Podcastto name a few. She has also contributed to several articles for Yahoo Best LifeUnfinished Man, and UpJourneyColleen uses compassionate and authentic communication to help clients understand themselves better and feel more confident about their ability to improve their lives.