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  • Couples Group Therapy

    Are you finding yourself in the same argument over and over again? Are you in a place where the bickering has been driving you nuts?  Do you have thoughts about where your relationship is actually going?

    We offer couples group experiences for up to 4 couples at a time.  Couples meet together weekly with a therapist and life coach for 1-1/2 hours for 8 sessions to help improve their interpersonal relationships. We provide a safe and confidential space where couples work alongside each other on their relationship.


    This increased support helps members to feel less alone in their relationship struggles and explore new strategies for connecting. We will examine what gets in the way of resolving problems. This will be a nonjudgmental forum to explore both partners' expectations and experiences, as well as help, develop empathy for each other while gaining a new perspective.


    Weekly, Tuesday nights from 6 pm-7:30 pm. Once 3-4 couples have committed, we will notify you of the start date.


    In our conference room located at 1992 Lewis Turner Blvd, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547


    • Must have an initial couple's interview session with a therapist, although this may not be needed for current or past clients.
    • Can not be in crisis. We will help you define this.
    • Able to commit to at least 8 sessions of weekly couples group therapy.
    • Be willing to commit to complete confidentiality of what is discussed during our group sessions.


    Couples will discover new pathways to achieving closeness, healing, and deep connections.

    Meet Group Facilitators

    Shaun & Colleen Wenner

    Shaun and Colleen are professionally equipped to navigate couples through the natural challenges of marriage. Life experience has given them firsthand wisdom and relatability to effectively lead relational dynamics in a healthy direction with a good foundation to build upon. Shaun’s background in ministry, leadership, and counseling lends pliable firmness to his ability to lead in ways that are safe when coupled with his easy-going attitude and enjoyable personality. Colleen‘s background in working with individuals and couples has proven successful in building healthy families. Her natural ability to cut to the heart of an issue is truly a gift. Together, Shaun and Colleen are a powerhouse who share a steel bond that has been forged through 27 years of marriage. They will impart the gift of wisdom that prepares for things to come and the confidence of being content to enjoy your life today! You will acquire a good mix of skills to accept the process of growing together and building a healthy, intimate marriage.

    Group Structure

    The format is as follows:

    • 3-​4 couples meet for 1 hour and 30 minutes once a week for 8 weeks.

    • The group begins with a brief "relationship check-in."

    • Topics will be based on your interest but typically include communication, forgiveness, sex, parenting, money, anger, emotional connection, chores, and making time for each other.

    • We will wrap up each group by giving appreciation to one another and sharing what you may have received from the group.

    • While this may seem intimidating, our hope is that you will feel the support of your peers as you deal with issues we all share.

    • Most importantly, we will create a safe place where you can be open and share meaningful experiences with each other.

    Q: What’s the first step?

    A: Register by filling out the google form and if an initial interview is needed we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

    Q: What is the cost of the group?

    A: $800/couple for 8 sessions, due at the first session (two payment plan option is available per request). If you are not a current client, the initial interview with the couple is $200 for a 50-minute interview. No refunds once the group starts.

    Q: My marriage is really struggling. Will we mess up the group?

    A: Probably not but we'll help you figure out if this is a good fit for the initial therapy session.

    Q: What if I am in individual therapy?

    A: No problem. We can work with your individual therapist to make sure we are on the same page and support the work you are doing in your other therapy.

    Q: What if I am super nervous about groups?

    A: Then joining the group will require courage on your part but, rest assured, the group will work hard to support you. This may help you have more comfort in other groups that you are a part of, maybe even in your family.

    Q: What if I can’t come to all the groups?

    A: You still need to pay the full amount. We will offer homework in between the sessions. Even if you miss one or two groups you will still benefit, though if you know in advance you’ll miss multiple sessions it may be best to wait for another round of the group.

    Q: When does the group start?

    A: Once we have put together a cohort of couples who are ready to go on this journey together, we will get things rolling. We'll make sure to keep you posted, and give you a heads up so you can make the necessary arrangements to ensure your participation.

    Q: Will members come and go?

    A: No. This group is what is called a closed group. The members you meet on the first day are the ones that will be with you the whole time unless they drop out, and no new members will be added. The group will be limited to 4 couples, giving you ample time and space to be heard.

    Q: I am not in a relationship but want to be. Can I still come?

    A: Unfortunately not. This group is for couples only. We may start a different group for people seeking relationships so let us know if this is of interest.