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  • Do You Find Yourself Bored Yet Not Sure Why?

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    Do you ever find yourself bored yet not sure why? Do you feel like you are boring others around you? If so, it is time to take stock of what makes you tick. Here are just a few reasons you might be bored and, more importantly, what you can do about it.

    Fear of rejection

    You may use rejection as a way to defend yourself against feeling rejected by someone else. And if you reject others, then they will reject you too. In addition, when you feel rejected or hurt, your body releases stress hormones that can make it harder for you to physically connect with other people—being seen as boring is a self-fulfilled prophecy.

    • Accept that rejection happens, acknowledge your feelings, learn from the experience and move on with your life. You’ll enjoy life more when you’re ready to open up to others.

    Fear of failure

    Failure can be scary, but if you’re afraid of failing, you might avoid trying new things and activities. You may even withdraw from friends and family because they don’t understand why you aren’t doing well. Others will see you as disinterested or uninteresting and move on without investing time with you.

    • Stretch yourself and try something new. If you fail, just keep going until you succeed. People will be impressed by your courage and will admire you for it.

    Avoid deeper connections with people.

    When you choose not to connect with others on a deeper level of connection, you will be seen by others as being superficial and emotionally unavailable. This makes you appear cold and distant, which leads to people avoiding you.

    • Work on reaching out to people who are close to you. Take an interest in who they are and what they are doing. They’ll appreciate that you care about them and want you around them more. 

    Lack of motivation, no spontaneity

    If you don’t feel motivated, others will think you’re not interested in doing anything. They may even start avoiding you, assuming you will not be fun to hang out with. Your life comes across as being predictable and dull. It’s hard to be spontaneous and exciting when you don’t want to go anywhere or do anything.

    • Ask yourself what you want out of life and which direction you’d prefer to travel. Set some specific short-term and long-term objectives for yourself. Seek help and work towards achieving them.

    Low self-esteem

    Low self-esteem can definitely lead to exhibiting boring behavior, which causes others to question whether you have any interest in them. You may find it difficult to express yourself and struggle to ask questions and engage in conversation.

    • Build up your self-esteem by working on improving your social skills. Talk to people more often and practice asking questions. Take small steps towards building your self-esteem by complimenting yourself. Be your own cheerleader!

     Lack confidence

    If you have low self-confidence, you tend to focus on the negative of life rather than what you do have. You may find it difficult to express emotions such as happiness, joy, excitement, etc. Because of this, others may see you as someone who doesn’t enjoy life and is uninteresting.

    • Seek to improve your confidence and self-image by learning to be more assertive and positive. Accept yourself for who you are, including your flaws but just as importantly, accept your strengths.

    Get Support From A Mental Health Professional

    We offer helpThe staff at New Heights Counseling wants you to know that help is available. Call us at (850) 757-1552 to set up an individual session with one of our professional counselors who can help you understand the root cause of your boredom by utilizing appropriate therapeutic techniques. Check out our staff bios on our website at meet our team. Our therapists will walk you through the process of understanding why you feel bored and provide solutions to overcome boredom. We offer free phone consultations so call today!

    Other Mental Health Services Offered At New Heights Counseling

    Man talking with counselor New Heights CounselingThe staff at New Heights Counseling provides counseling for a wide variety of concerns, not just those who struggle with boredom such as couples and family problems, parenting skills, anger management, anxiety, depression, stress, grief, loss, abuse, trauma, PTSD, self-esteem, confidence, body image, eating disorders, and many more. We want to help you succeed and experience peace within yourself and your relationships.

    Our services are for children, adolescents, and adults, and we offer in-person sessions at our Fort Walton Beach, FL location and online therapy for the state of Florida. Our location is on the 2nd floor of WorkSpace Suites at 1992 Lewis Turner Blvd, Suite 1057, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547. You can find directions here on Google Maps or visit our office location page. 

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    About the Author:

    Colleen Wenner New Heights Founder Clinical DirectorColleen Wenner founded New Heights Counseling to provide counseling for people who struggle with mental health concerns. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Colleen is a certified supervisor in Florida and an EMDR trauma-certified practitioner and consultant in training. She is also licensed to practice counseling in the state of Virginia. Colleen is committed to providing excellent client care and services the Fort Walton Beach, Crestview, Niceville, Destin, and surrounding communities.

    Colleen has always advocated for mental health and well-being and has devoted her entire life to spreading awareness among the public. She has been featured on various podcasts such as Practice of the Practice (The #1 Podcast for counselors in private practice), Shrink Think Podcast, and The Salty Christan Podcast, to name a few. She has also contributed to several articles for Yahoo Best Life, Unfinished Man, and UpJourneyColleen uses compassionate, authentic, and nonjudgmental communication to guide her clients toward understanding themselves better and feeling more confident about their abilities to change their lives for the better.