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  • Recognize symptoms

    Children go through all sorts of growing shifts and changes as they progress in life.  Knowing when these changes are “normal” and when they’re not, is the key. Most usually when symptoms like these are caught early, just a few visits with a mental health practitioner may be needed.  If your child is experiencing any of the following, it may be time to give us a call.  

    • Sudden shifts in usual interests or habits such as sleeping, eating, or personal interests changing drastically
    • Regressions to include but not limited to: frequent temper tantrums, separation anxiety or clinginess, language regression by using ‘baby talk’, excessive fearfulness or anxiety, and bedwetting after being trained
    • Social isolation including avoiding playdates and other social activities that were once fun, lack of desire to venture outside the house for any reason, and eating lunch alone
    • Defiant behaviors including complaining most of the time, arguing back, becoming defensive often, screaming, cursing, physical altercations, bullying other kids, hurting animals, skipping school, or choosing not to complete school work 
    • Excessive sadness or worry that is noticeable by parents and other involved parties such as teachers, babysitters, family members, or friends
    • Talking about self-harm or behaviors such as digging nails into skin, hitting oneself, banging head against something multiple times, cutting, or noticing any minor bodily injuries 

    If you notice any of these behaviors, don’t panic, but do consider making a call.  Your MD can sometimes be of assistance with these types of symptoms, but a call to your local mental health practice would generate more answers for you.

    Ask questions, and if needed, schedule an appointment 

    New Heights Counseling is here to help. We can  field many of these questions over the phone and get you to the proper treatment for your child quickly.  The sooner you pinpoint your child’s behaviors and needs, the quicker you can get them the help they need. Call today 850-757-1552 to schedule your first intake session with our caring and experienced therapists so that we can better assist your child. Anytime that you are unsure if you should reach out for counseling, refer to the behaviors above, or just give us a call and we will guide you in the right direction for your child.  Don’t be afraid to take that next step to getting your child on track and back to their happy, healthy, thriving selves again. 

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