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  • Fort Walton Beach Counseling 32547

    Brian Boelk, BSW, MSW

    LCSW Counselor

    Licensure # SW20377


    As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Counselor, Brian is an expert in helping individuals and couples manage various life issues. He works with those struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship conflicts, and more. Brian has been practicing as a counselor for over two years, providing his clients with the support they need to overcome difficult times. He is compassionate and empathetic, offering guidance to help people find the strength to overcome their challenges and live healthy, fulfilling lives. Whether you seek individual or couples counseling, Brian can help you.

    Specialties & Modalities:

    Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) | Complex Trauma | Dialectical Behavior Therapy | Family/Marital | Grief | Interpersonal | Military Related Issues | Mindfulness-Based (MBCT) | Person-Centered | Psychodynamic Therapy | Strength-Based | Trauma-Focused | Solution Focus | Narrative

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    Population Brian works with:

    Individuals | Adults | Couples | Teens | Trauma