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  • Mariah Sumpter, M.S.

    Master’s Level Graduate Pre-Licensed Intern

    Licensure Track: LCMHC

    Clinically Supervised By: Colleen Wenner, LMHC (License #MH16185)


    Mariah has her master's degree in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. Mariah's passion lies in helping others by providing resources to empower and guide them in their healing journey. She's dedicated to learning and developing her professional career to assisting people in healing from trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, and other mental health issues.

    Fun Facts: Mariah is originally from Missouri, moved to Las Vegas, and then to Florida, where she currently lives with her family and their family dog. She enjoys reading, baking, and freelancing as a makeup artist. And in her "spare time," Mariah enjoys refurbishing furniture.

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