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    Discover renewed hope and purpose through therapy at New Heights Counseling, where we empower you to overcome defeat and discouragement, guiding you towards finding answers and achieving new aspirations in your life.

    We offer:

    • Client-Centered Approach

    • Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere

    • Trusted Counselor

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    Difficulty Trusting?



    Social Isolation?

    Emotional Numbing?

    "Sometimes you just need to talk about something - not to get sympathy but to just kill it's power by allowing the truth of things to hit the air. " - Karen Salmanshon

    Our Mental Health Therapists Can Help You

    Trauma Informed Counseling

    EMDR Counseling

    Depression Counseling

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    Anxiety Counseling

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    Business hours (Sessions available 8AM to 8PM)

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    Weekends by Appointment

    Where is New Heights Counseling Office Located?

    New Heights Counseling & Consulting, LLC is physically located on the 2nd floor of WorkSpace Suites at 1992 Lewis Turner Blvd, Suite 1057, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547. We can see clients anywhere in Florida with our online therapy services. Reach out to us to let us know which is better for you. [CONTACT US]

    Still unsure as to where the office is? Are you coming from a surrounding city and need specific directions? Click here [GET DIRECTIONS]

    New Heights Counseling located WorkSpace Suite


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    If you've landed on this page... Congratulations!  You've taken the first step to getting help for yourself or a loved one. Our therapists understand the difficulty of making this decision to pick up the phone and call for help. It can be one of the hardest steps to take and requires courage and a little faith. We hope you find what we already know true: the clinicians here genuinely care about your well-being. They will work at a pace you're most comfortable with. We offer male and female therapists who will come alongside you and provide the support you deserve and need. Take that next step to your healing, and contact us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is counseling?

    Counseling is a collaborative session where you and the therapist work together to address issues causing emotional turmoil in your life. A professional counselor helps you identify goals and solutions to problems. Counselors help you develop better-coping strategies, self-esteem, problem-solving skills, and positive behavior patterns. The therapist's overall goal, however, is to improve the quality and quantity of your lifetime.

    What makes counseling successful?

    Counseling is a personal journey that requires patience, openness, honesty, and commitment. You must be willing to accept yourself as you are now and commit to making changes. Therapy is about growth; it’s about becoming better. This is why therapy works best when you are willing to take risks and make changes. The key to therapy is being honest with yourself. When we lie to ourselves about our shortcomings, problems, and pain, we cannot grow. We cannot heal. And without healing, there will never be true happiness.

    What is an intake?

    A counseling intake is a meeting between you and your therapist. It is a time to get to know each other and discuss what brought you here today. Your therapist will ask you questions about your background, current situation, and how you feel about yourself. They will also want to know what kind of change you want to see. Your first session should last no longer than 60 minutes.

    Is my confidentiality guaranteed?

    Yes, everything you say is completely confidential, and our therapists take great care to keep it that way. However, there are times when we must disclose information. For example, we must inform the authorities if someone threatens violence against another person. If someone makes threats of harm toward themselves, we must contact emergency services. We cannot legally reveal anything else without your permission.

    How much does it cost for counseling?

    Our therapists charge between $80-$200 for a weekly session depending on licensure, experience, type of therapy they offer, etc. To learn more about the types of providers at New Heights Counseling Services, follow this LINK.  For more information about rates and insurance, visit: Rates & Insurance

    How many counseling sessions do I need?

    The answer to this question is a very personal one. It depends on you, your needs, and your goals. You will most likely meet with your therapist once or twice weekly for several sessions. We take great care in reevaluating your progress using sophisticated and personalized outcome measures. You will have the opportunity to review these measures and discuss your progress with your therapist on a regular basis. We want you to know how you are progressing and what may still need some time. You and your therapist will together determine if continued sessions are necessary or if it’s time to discontinue. Always remember that if you need to discontinue services for a time, you can return if life situations dictate a “tune-up.” If you are interested in counseling, please use the following link to learn more about making an appointment. Link: Link: Contact Us!

    Our Community Reach

    New heights counseling staff love our community

    We're located in the beautiful city of Fort Walton Beach. We help the people of this great city and our clients from nearby cities. With new businesses, young families, and regular military installments moving into Okaloosa County, we are thrilled to service CrestviewDestin, and Niceville. Our reach extends even beyond these great communities to Navarre, Gulf Breeze, Freeport, and Miramar Beach. We have incredible love and appreciation for the military families in this area.  We love hearing jets fly overhead, from Eglin Airforce Base, Duke Field, Hulbert Field, The Navy Base in Pensacola, and Tyndall Airforce Base in Panama City. This is truly the sound of FREEDOM! The United States Coast Guard Station in Destin provides safety and protection on our beautiful waters. Our New Heights Counseling team understands that "Community involvement provides a sense of belonging and social connectedness. It can also offer extra meaning and purpose to everyday life"(1). We wouldn't want to live anywhere else but here!

    counseling niceville florida new heights counseling

    Niceville, FL

    counseling destin florida new heights counseling

    Destin, FL

    counseling crestview florida new heights counseling

    Crestview, FL

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    Certifications & Memberships

    American Counseling Association

    New Heights Counseling American Counseling AssociationNew Heights Counseling & Consulting, LLC is a member of the American Counseling Association. ACA is the world's largest association that represents professional counselors. Our therapists join in ACA's mission to "enhance the quality of life in society by promoting the development of professional counselors, advancing the counseling profession, and using the profession and practice of counseling to promote respect for human dignity and diversity."(3) New Heights counselors [Meet the Teamare passionate about continuing their education and reaching a higher level of professionalism and trust from their clients.

    EMDRIA EMDR International Association

    New Heights EMDRIA EMDR International AssociationNew Heights Counseling & Consulting, LLC founder and business owner Colleen Wenner is an EMDR Certified therapist through EMDRIA and an EMDR Consultant. Several therapists in practice [Meet the Team]  are trained and qualified to practice EMDR therapy. "EMDRIA has more than 12,000 members trained to provide EMDR Therapy."(1) Our therapists find working with clients to overcome challenges and trauma an honor. The goal of EMDR therapy is "to help individuals who have experienced traumatic stress to reprocess and adaptively store dysfunctional stored traumatic memories. (2) Learn more about EMDR counseling [What is EMDR Counseling]


    New Heights members chamber of commerce

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