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    Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

    1. When should I seek counseling?

    2. Is my life too hard?

    3. Do I worry too much that I can’t handle everyday life’s pressure, stress, and anxiety?  

    Sometimes the stressors of life, whether situational or ongoing and extreme, can be significant prompters to seek professional counseling. Luckily we are here to help! [Meet our team of counselors] Having dreams, a vision, and motivation for your life is an excellent pursuit. Yet, there is no perfect plan for managing it or competing with the unexpected stressors that life can throw at you.

    Seek Counseling, Don’t Wait!

    Seek Help at New Heights Counseling & Consulting, LLCEveryone, including counselors, needs guidance, support, and tools to navigate through different taxing phases of life. We should be self-aware of when to intervene in our own lives to best manage this opportunity called life. If you or someone you know recognizes any of the following signs, it may be an indication to ask for help and seek professional counseling. Here are some reasons to seek counseling including but not limited to:

    1. When family friction/tension is high

    2. When grief lingers

    3. When denial has failed

    4. When being controlled

    5. When being confronted with a crisis

    6. When surrounded with sadness/anxious feelings

    7. When feeling like you are in a brain fog or cannot seem to concentrate on daily activities

    8. Most importantly, when you feel like you need it!

    Put Your Mental Health First!

    Key Target - New Heights Counseling & Consulting, LLCPutting your mental health first and treating it like a regular physical doctor’s appointment,  takes the stigma of thinking counseling as an afterthought versus a priority. Book with us now and put your mental health first!

    Additional Resources:

    Learn more about Cassandra Mills

    Cassandra is a PRE-LICENSED Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern and a veteran of the United States Air Force and has traveled around the world with her husband. She’s also a military spouse and has grown up in a military family. She is dedicated to her clients’ care and passionate about helping people, from all cultural backgrounds, reach their absolute best versions of themselves mentally and emotionally. Book an appointment by contacting Cassandra!